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tv   NBC11 News The Bay Area at 5  NBC  June 25, 2011 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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we're learning more tonight about that amtrak crash near reno that killed four people. we have new eyewitness video about what the truck driver did right before the crash. a 90-year-old woman crashed her car into a san jose nursing home today killing one person. and pride weekend continues in san francisco. we'll show you what it mines for driving in the city this weekend. we'll show you what's going on right now. the news at 5:00 starts right now. good evening, i'm diane
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dwyer. we begin tonight in san jose, where one person is dead and six are hurt. after a car accident at a nursing home. it happened just before 10:00 this morning. a 90-year-old woman who was visiting a relative at the nursing home accidentally crashed her car into an exercise room. she was apparently arriving at the amber wood gardens nursing home a few blocks from the westgate mall, when police say she likely hit the gas pedal instead of the brakes while she was parking. >> i turned around, and i see her car halfway through our activity room. and you see wheelchairs being pushed by the car and just -- i don't know, it was scary. >> authorities have not yet released the name of the person who died. they did say the victim is an 89-year-old female. the caregiver was treated and released, and the fire department told staffers that two of the other injuries are serious. >> i'm praying for luck. when you get older and you get a
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trauma, you never know. but i'm certainly praying for that. >> the exercise room was full of people because they were just getting ready for a class when the accident happened. we're learning more tonight about the fatal amtrak accident near reno this weekend. the zephyr train was headed to the bay area, authorities say they have more information on what the truck driver did right before the crash. plus, there's new eyewitness video. kimberly terry has the latest on the investigation. >> right now only two people are confirmed dead, but investigators say it's likely there are many more victims inside those two burned out amtrak trains. right now the search is slow going. that's because they're concerned that the toppled train cars were on the road. a semitruck slammed into the side of the train. investigators are trying to
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figure out why the truck driver ignored the closed signal arm and flashing lights at the crossing. the driver tried to stop seconds before the crash, at least two people are dead, including the truck driver and about 20 other people are injured. authorities say they will be looking into the driving and the medical records of the big rig driver and an apes will be conducted to determine if that driver took any drugs around the time of the accident. today we talked to one of the passengers on the train. he said he felt the collision and sought flames. >> a few seconds later i felt this amazing heat on the basket my head, neck, arms. i turned around to see the entire cart was engulfed in flames on the outside with black smoke everywhere. >> the train was carrying about 204 passengers and 14 crew members at the time of the crash. you're looking at cell phone video. the passenger we talked to took yesterday. he and his family were supposed to arrive in emeriville at 4:00
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p.m. until this morning they had to rent a car and drive here. the ntsb is out at the crash scene, so we can expect more details to emerge in the coming days. a final report is not expected for months. live in emeriville, kemperly terry nbc bay area news. a fire in the east bay seriously injured one person. firefighters rescued the woman from her burning home around 1:00 this morning. the victim is snot not expected to survive. neighbors called 911 when they saw the flames, firefighters found the well passed out just inside the front door of the home. >> the victim was unconscious and unresponsive upon arrival. she had very shallow respirations. the paramedics provided intubation, iv's and resuscitated the victim and transferred her to the burn center. >> contra costa fire protection
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district is investigating the cause of the fire, but says it appears to be accidental. we have an update on a story we first reported last weekend. police in the north bay released the sketch of a man who assaulted a woman last week. the asail an the is described as white, bald and 30 to 35 years old. he's described as tall between 62 and 6'4". he has a circular tattoo on his right arm and a goutee. the 23-year-old woman says she was attacked last friday while jogging on five creek path behind too large apartment complexes in rona park. the man grabbed her arm and fried to cut her face with a box cutter. she said she managed to get away with just a gash on her arm. one of the medical marijuana advocates behind oakland's licensed pot farms is under arrest. he's accused of running illegal pot farms in sacramento and center counties. at one time he converted large warehouses into medical pot production centers, one of four
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commercial farms which the city of oakland was considering licensing. authorities arrested him on tuesday in sacramento. he's free on a $150,000 property bond according to the u.s. attorney's office. the criminal complaint describes massive marijuana growing efforts at what was once a former hole sale floorest in sacramento. it is pride weekend in san francisco, there will be all kinds of detours. the lgbt community is celebrating a muhuge political victory. hello elise. >> the party is in full swing here at delores park. you take a look behind me, can you see how many people are here listening to music, enjoying all this great weather and celebrating diversity, with the 41st annual lesbian, gay
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bisexual and transgender parade. it's a reminder to the thousands celebrating pride weekend about the oppression gays and lesbians faced. during world war ii nazis forced them to sioux a pink triangle on their clothing. now it's a sign of pride. new york is the sixth and largest state where gay couples can now wed. >> california's legislature was the first in the country to pass a marriage equality bill six years ago. unfortunately, our sorry mistake of a governor didn't know enough to sign a marriage equality bill. but he showed time and again he's yet to understand the
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marriage vows he himself took 25 years ago. >> schwarzenegger and the controversy surrounding his own marriage. the party will continue here in san francisco. they'll be shutting down streets in the castro for a party there this evening. and then tomorrow the big parades starts along market street. for now, we're live in san francisco. elise kirschner, nbc bay area news. coming up next, there is no relief in site for one city in north dakota as the flooding continues. with already more than 10,000 people evacuated, more rain is expected tonight. plus -- a world war ii veteran is honors at an awards ceremony today. why did it take 66 years? and 3,000 students in chile hold a flash mob in honor of the king of pop's death. a little cooler than average
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around the bay area today with fog hugging the coast. it's going to change, a little weather maker moving through. we have rain in th forecast. we'll tell you when coming up in a few. n
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the town of minot north dakota is expecting more rain this evening. that's what the area does not need, it's experiencing some of the worst flooding in that state's history. 12,000 people have been evacuated. and officials report the river could crest by tonight. brian mooar has the latest. >> reporter: days of intense flooding have transformed the streets of north dakota into canals air boats, the best way to survey the damage and search
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for anyone who didn't make it to dry ground. though there are hopes the flood swollen river is cresting, thousands of homes are underwater. residents riding out the disaster in shelters like this one. and for now, the state's governor can't offer much more than comforting words. >> the flows through minot are expected to be three times the amount of the previous all time record. so it's not the all time record by just a little bit, it's -- it really is a catastrophic event. >> a mandatory evacuation was ordered for nearby sawyer as residents headed out, levees were shored up. local officials pronounced on saturday that they were holding only a handful of homes in sawyer damaged by the water. but in other areas, the misery is mounting, day by day, inch by inch. >> i moved here to be safe.
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and then the water started coming, so we moved again to the hills. so three times in three weeks. >> the overhead view of the area shows what the flooding has done, and the nightmare residents face after the waters recede. >> after everyone is safe, that's when things are going to start settling in, that's when things are going to start realizing what they're losing in this flood. >> brian mooar, nbc news. still to come at 5:00, he fought in world war ii, 70 years ago, why is this 90-year-old veteran just now being honored?
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a world war ii veteran who served nearly 70 years ago is finally being honored for his service. mackenzie wilson reports, the 90-year-old man now has the medals he earned during world war ii, medals he had never seen before. >> it was an awards ceremony, 66
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years in the making. at 90 years old, world war ii veteran earl arnold got a hit and the medals he earned fighting in her harbor. >> i appreciate them. >> it was his great granddaughter who asked the question that should have been answered decades ago. >> did she ask him about all of his medals. and he said he didn't have any, and he had never received any. >> earl arnold's daughter made call after call to the world war ii veterans administration to get her father his awards. finally they arrived at the home in missouri. the two made a road trip to
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surprise the veteran. earl finally has his medals. the long time resident recently suffered a stroke, even that couldn't keep him from shaking hands with other local world war ii heroes. >> when roy asked him, he said, will you be able to be out there all morning? he said i'll stand with them. >> arnold narrowly escaped death on the attack on pearl harbor whose ship sank an enemy sub that day, preventing perhaps even more destruction during that attack. right now we're going to check in with nick o'kelly on the weather. it's nice ott, it's sunny, but it's really windy in the east bay and on the peninsula. it's driving me crazy. >> that brought temperatures down. our friends visiting from out of town, making the trek across the golden gate bridge, you saw maybe a half hour of sunshine
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today. temperatures running between 5 and 10 degrees below average. especially for the inland spots. we're talking about that sea breeze right across the bay. oakland just getting into the mid-60s today. almost to santa cruz, you were hard appreciationed to see any such shine. we had a weak trough move through. that tends to mix up the marine layer. for tomorrow, clouds won't be quite as thick. for tonight, clouds will rush back in, especially along the peninsula and south bay and locally along those gaps. big changes on the way, the next couple days as i mentioned are pretty quiet. morning clouds, afternoon sunshine, temperatures warm up nicely, we have some interesting things ahead. the middle of this coming week, rain, very unusual for this time of year. let's step out of the way and show you what's going on. high pressure system protecting us from any big weather makers. way up in the elusion islands
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you can sigh this big mass of clouds. the computer models are saying, yes, maybe two or three days from now, something we'll be watching from the bay area. low clouds as i mentioned, not particularly thick. if you do wake up to morning clouds, they'll burn off faster than what we saw this morning. temperatures overnight, mainly over 50s and the morning clouds will be with us along the peninsula and along the coast. temperatures, you'll notice i boosted things about 5 to degrees for our inland spots tomorrow. we're going to warm things up nicely. you'll feel that difference in redwood, san mateo. half moon bay, we see a bit more sunshine in the delta. very pleasant, up around the russian river, upper 70s to 80 degrees for tomorrow. and much the same story, i think for monday. fog in the morning, afternoon
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sunshine, then tuesday into wednesday we'll watch things carefully. not just rain, maybe thunder. >> that's just crazy. >> i know, june. let's check in with jim from comcast sportsnet. what is going on with you in sports. >> that's a very good question, i'm still dazed at all the bounder we just heard. aut coming up in sports, could the giants make it four straight with the tribe? full highlights, plus another giant headed to the d.l. coming up after this time-out.
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good evening, everyone, i'm jim kozimor.
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rebel earlier this week when the giants were in the midst of a five-game losing streak? not any more. let's get going with inner league play. bruce bochy saying that jonathan sanchez is headed to the d.l. scoreless in the seventh, you don't see this often. the game's only run scores, giants win 1-0. they have won four in a row. it's a game older than our country. but the country club version is in decline. so some of silicon valley's heaviest hitters including scott mcneily are challenging what they consider to be outdated aspects of a game strictly dictated by the usga. it looks like golf, but it's not golf. literally. >> not golf spelled backwards.
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>> flogton. >> it's too hard, it's frustrating, it takes too long. it's kind of expensive. some people think it's elitist. >> hardest game in the world, challenging, and you have to be honest. but is it the only way to play this thing? >> absolutely not say the flogton brain trust, who brought us to -- >> teeing it out of a fairway, throwing it in a sand trap. >> and modified equipments, which includes anything. >> it's an air hammer. it puts holes in the face. >> this is the cheese greater. the little cheese greater, let's see what happens. i love it. and another thing you can do to
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reduce friction on the face of the club is pam. good old fashioned spray pam. >> there are 25 million golfers in this country, only about 5 million so-called avid golfers, the dricving force behind flogtn isn't to cheapen the game, but to bend the rules. >> does a kid cheat when he uses an aluminum bat? does eric burns cheat when he plays softball after being with the major leagues? all we're doing is opening up the field, not to be goofy, for us to have a chance to get on the green and get involved and have a lot more fun with it. >> we're in this, because we love the game of golf, but we're worried about it, because it's not as relevant for our kids and grandchildren and others as it should be. there's some people who may think we're crazy. but at least they're listening. >> in menlo park, scott reese,
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nbc bay area sports. >> i think i have a few of those gadgets in my repertoire. the a's lead in the sixen right now over the phillies, 2-1. we'll have more later on. let's go back to our nbc bay area studios. diane dwyer, back to you. thousands of people are remembering michael jackson tonight on the second anniversary of his death, including one very interesting and unusual protest. i want to crush more cars. i want to sell more tea cups. ♪ i need help selling bread. ♪
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student gemmen straighters in chile dropped their picket signs and put on their dancing shoes. ♪ >> they're pretty good. they took to the streets dressed as ghouls and goblins. they danced to "thriller" not just to mark the singer's death, but to demand more government money for higher education.
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they say the zombie motif was perfect because it shows the current state of education in chile. in recent weeks the students have staged massive rallies to demand the education minister work with student groups. a new water adventure in florida gives people a chance to fly. check this out. water powered jet packs are becoming popular for visitors to the florida keys who want a james bond like experience. yes, this is a bit of an advertisement, i'll admit it. witho the pictures were totally cool. the 90 minute experience costs $250. a certified instructor operates the vehicle via remote control. once people get the hang of it, they can choose the direction and altitude. the nonprofit save the bay is celebrating its 50th anniversary, volunteers cleaned up around the bay


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